give until you need nothing started and ended as the first and only line of in a poem. it was written down in a notebook sometime ago. its meaning: to give of yourself by serving others and become fulfilled. this verse would soon become a life's work, leading to an organization that shares their vision and implements it with other health care companies who also serve those with health care needs.   

since february 18, 2004, give incorporated has offered home care services to more than 200 families across the state of Michigan. care has ranged from able-bodied, disabled, dementia, and alzheimer's patients to severely handicapped patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. their mission is simple - to serve. give incorporated has successfully added value to the health care industry through their personal approach to care.


give incorporated has always guarded and upheld its high standards of care practices. our positioning is purposeful, and we will continue to exist in the background of the health care industry, adding value and continuously making the hard decisions. as a home health care company we choose to limit our client base. we serve in order to secure our vision and position in leadership.

our management team and network of healthcare staff are mobile and has the ability to provide services promptly. this allows us to be professional and concise, focusing on our purpose.


give, Incorporated. is not an employment agency, and the services it renders are made possible only with a substantial investment in business related costs including, but not limited to: advertising, recruiting, testing, and training of a substantial staff. The Client agrees that if a recently terminated or current give, Incorporated. employee becomes employed by the Client or any party on the Client’s behalf directly or indirectly within ninety (90) days from the date of the last give, Incorporated. assignment, the Client will be charged and agree to pay give, Incorporated. the sum of 25% of each employee’s annual salary (calculated as Hourly Pay Rate x 2080 Hours x 25%) as liquidated damages. The Client agrees that this sum is fair and reasonable and does not constitute a penalty.