give incorporated presents

We all have had those moments in life when we have experienced an event and wished someone was there to share the enjoyment. If you have a moment in time you would  like to share, please send it to us so you can make someone else's day. We will feature your story in our next newsletter.

My moment... Some time ago I was driving and I caught a glimpse of two quadriplegics on the sidewalk. They were sitting in their wheelchairs under a tree to be shaded from the sun. Their arms were outstretched toward one another, but they were barely able to touch hands, and it was almost impossible for them to make eye contact. I noticed a smile on each one of their faces.

This was an incredible moment to witness; two people expressing themselves with only their hands. Physical contact is a basic human need. I often forget that fact even though I have been working for the last fifteen years with people who have less than ten percent body function.

Jerrod Robinson