Specialty Care


Spinal cord injury

Traumatic brain injury


Personal Care

Bed Bath/Sponge Bath
Shampoo Hair
Brush/Comb Hair
Brushing Teeth
Apply make up
Nail Care/Clean and File
Skin Care/Non-medicated lotion to dry areas
Assist with getting dressed
Vital Signs
Medication reminder  



Take for walk
Accompany to appointments



Assist to bathroom
Assist to bedside commode
Assist urinal/bedpan
Incontinence care
Empty colostomy/catheter bag



Assist with walking
Turn position in bed
Transfer/Bed/Chair (wheelchair)
Assist with home exercises
Range of motion exercises



Client’s laundry
Clean kitchen-Dishes
Take out trash
Maintain bathroom cleanliness
Maintain bedroom/Vacuum/Dust
Oxygen turned on/off only
Maintain living area/Vacuum/Dust
Make bed/change bed linens


give, Incorporated. is not an employment agency, and the services it renders are made possible only with a substantial investment in business related costs including, but not limited to: advertising, recruiting, testing, and training of a substantial staff. The Client agrees that if a recently terminated or current give, Incorporated. employee becomes employed by the Client or any party on the Client’s behalf directly or indirectly within ninety (90) days from the date of the last give, Incorporated. assignment, the Client will be charged and agree to pay give, Incorporated. the sum of 25% of each employee’s annual salary (calculated as Hourly Pay Rate x 2080 Hours x 25%) as liquidated damages. The Client agrees that this sum is fair and reasonable and does not constitute a penalty.